Exporting Secure Reports

Care Orchestrator provides the ability to export secure patient reports that can only be opened with a password.

  1. Navigate to the Reports and Templates tab.  The Patients Report tab displays.

  2. After selecting any desired Filters, click on the Export Report drop-down arrow.  Download options display, including CSV, CSV (Secure), XLS, and XLS (Secure).

  3. If CSV (Secure) or XLS (Secure) is selected, the Download Secure File window displays. The password used to secure the report displays.  An option to copy the password that opens the report at a later time is provided.  Click Download to download the file.

Note: In order to open secure files, your computer may require additional software. Examples of these programs are WinZip (https://www.winzip.com/) for both Windows and Mac; 7Zip (https://www.7-zip.org/) for Windows; or BetterZip (https://macitbetter.com/) for Mac.