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Link DreamMapper Device

The DreamMapper logo is displayed on patient records that have a DreamMapper-compatible sleep therapy device assigned in the equipment section. The logo displays a status of "linked" or "not linked." The logo displays on new patient records if a DreamMapper-compatible device was added during the Add Patient workflow. New patients will receive a link invitation if a valid email was added during Add Patient.

Note: Therapy data in DreamMapper flows from DreamMapper to Care Orchestrator, but prescription updates must be managed through modem or SD card mechanisms (see Manage Prescriptions with Data Card Utilities or Edit Prescription for more information).

To link a DreamMapper device:

  1. Click the Patients tab.
    The Patient search and a list of all patients displays.

  2. Select whether to search by the patient's Name, External ID, Patient reference or Device serial number.

Note:  Once the category to search by is selected, that option will remain the default search option for the remainder of the user's login.  It will return to the system-wide default upon the next login. 

  1. When either the Search by Name, External ID or Patient reference are selected as the main search criteria, expanded search options are available.  Click the More options link located beneath the Search field.

The Date of birth, Postal code and Phone number search fields are displayed, which allows for more detailed searching.  

  1. Enter the main search item in the upper Search field and, if desired, enter the expanded search information in the respective Search field, then click the Search button.

Based on entered information, relevant patients display.

Note:  When searching by Date of birth, the entered date cannot be in the future and must be in the correct date format as displayed beneath the field.

Note:  When searching by Postal code, the entry must be an exact match for the data entered into the Search field.

Note:  When searching by Phone number, only numeric text is allowed in the Search field and the entry must be an exact match for the entered data in order to be displayed in the Patients list.

Note:  The Search button is disabled until valid search criteria is entered into one or more of the additional search fields.

  1. Double-click the desired patient name to open the Patient window.

Patient information displays.

  1. Click the Not Linked button to send an invitation to the patient to link their DreamMapper device.

DreamMapper invitation displays.

  1. Verify the Primary DSN and email address for the patient and then click Send Invitation.

DreamMapper link invitation sent to patient. This invitation is added to the patient activity log.

Note: The patient needs to have a validated email account configured to receive the DreamMapper invitation. See Edit Patient to add an email address to a patient account.

Note: Only the primary therapy serial number is used for DreamMapper linking.

  1. Patient accepts the DreamMapper invitation.

DreamMapper is linked to patient. The "not linked" icon changes to linked.

Note: After a patient links their DreamMapper device, this icon will appear as linked.



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